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Active Life and Healthy Habits

Promote physical activity at work as a space for welfare and productivity providing psycho-emotional tools to protect the mental health and working environment of collaborators.

How do we understand our work space?

At PSports we are convinced that a happy and loyal collaborator will be more willing to give their maximum performance than one who is not.

For us it is essential to build an organizational culture that protects the integral well-being of the collaborator: mental, physical and social health.

To achieve this, it is necessary to develop a good working environment with harmonious social relationships and effective communication strategies, as well as promoting Integral Health through the provision of psycho-emotional tools and the development of healthy lifestyle habits of the collaborators

Active Company

It is a sports psychology program   around motivation,integral wellness andproductivity of collaborators, which intervenes at the individual, social and organizational level. The objective of the program is to promote the processes of psycho-emotional development and social cohesion through the physical activity and play.


We will work on this through the implementation of recreational activities, personalized psychological counseling, training for the leadership of your organization and dissemination of psychoeducational content. 

Let's get in touch to make your organization a space that identifies its collaborators!

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Victor Uribe, SALFA Company, 48 years old

"Having brought the program to such a distant region (Magallanes) was very helpful for us, we realized things that we didn´t know. It was a great contribution to the collaborators"

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Using Mobile Phones

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