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Performance and Wellbeing

Program dedicated to athletes, coaches, referees and families


Based on the experience of Sports Psychology Models such as the Optimal State of Performance Model (EOR) and the 5CS Model, arise the PSports model which defines 5 Key Psychological Competencies to achieve your maximum performance in sport and in any competitive field.
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Test PSports

Conoce tu nivel de fortaleza mental y evalúa tus 5 competencias clave con nuestro Test gratuito

What are we looking for?

“Promote well-being and sports performance through the work of different psychological variables at the individual, social and organizational level”

Training Theory tells us that there are 4 trainable elements in sport: Physical, Technical, Tactical and Psychological. 

You will surely have had an approach to these first three, however, have you trained your mental strength at any point in your career?

There are few who have had the experience of working on their mental aspect, which is why Psports seeks to improve this figure and bring mental training closer to all those who are part of the sports circle..


Who can we help?


Developing a mental training plan based on the Psports Model addressing the 5 key psychological variables of sport: Commitment, Confidence, Concentration, Control and Communication in athletes of different levels and ages.


Strengthening your leadership through motivational, communication and behavioral tools. Support in establishing the team philosophy, mental workload planning, emotional management, concentration control and group cohesion.


Accompanying through the training of conflict management and mediation, emotional control, attention and concentration, and error management. 


Advising families on supporting young athletes, lifestyles that allow their performance and well-being, and fundamental support strategies.

When it comes to competing, our environment plays a key role in terms of emotional and psychological support. This is why we think about action plans that involve as many agents as possible that can improve our performance and our psychological well-being.


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